We blend strategy with visual communication to help you express your company’s unique brand voice. The result is a comprehensive website that connects you to your customers, nurture lasting relationships + promotes engagement (SEO).

SG Studio is a digital design agency, experienced + nimble to respond to a dynamic, changing world. We help strengthen growing companies + reimagine established brands. Above all, our joy is in helping clients tell their brand stories in a way that is delightfully memorable.

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From cultivating your story to building your brand, we’re here to help unearth + discover what makes your company different + unique.

Whether that is a creating a custom website, brand identity or package design, our team of experts listens first, builds second + becomes an extended part of your trusted team.


The stronger your brand foundation, the greater the possibilities.

Our mini workshops are a collection of key exercises designed to get you aligned with your brand’s vision. Uncover market + competitive insights that will help define your brand, making it distinctive, meaningful + compelling.


We blend strategic thinking with imagination + collaboration to help you find + express your unique brand voice.

The result is a comprehensive logo/visual identity, social media strategy or printed marketing pieces that connect your business to your desired customers leaving them delighted + loyal to your unique brand.


Your company needs responsive web design, development + SEO.

We take the time to understand your digital needs + goals… then build an intuitive website that is clear, concise + that delights users with a strategic engagement.

Specializing in WordPress + Shopify platforms.