We blend strategy with visual communication to help you express your company’s unique brand voice. The result is a comprehensive website, app, or packaging that connects you to your customers, nurtures lasting relationships.

SG Studio is a digital design agency, experienced + nimble to respond to a dynamic, changing world. We help strengthen growing companies + reimagine established brands. Above all, our joy is in helping customers tell their brand stories in a delightfully memorable way.

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From cultivating your story to building your brand, we’re here to help unearth + discover what makes your company different + unique.


Whether that is creating a custom website, brand identity, or package design, our team of experts listens first, builds second + becomes an extended part of your trusted team.


We blend strategic thinking with imagination and collaboration to help you find and express your products unique brand voice.


The result is a comprehensive logo/visual identity that connect your product to your desired customers leaving them delighted.


Our brand workshops are a collection of key exercises designed to get you aligned with your brand’s vision. Uncover market and competitive insights that will help define your product/brand, making it distinctive, meaningful, and compelling.


We take the time to understand your digital needs and goals… then bring in SEO, writing and photography experts to build an intuitive website that is clear, concise and that delights users with a strategic engagement.


Specializing in WordPress, Shopify, and Squarespace platforms.


Website consulting and maintenance service packages are also available.


As lifestyle product developers ourselves, we know the importance of having package design that delights customers from first sight on a shelf to post-purchase.


Packaging is an extension of your brand and an important direct-to-consumer touch-point that can make the perfect lasting impression.


Whether you’re looking to design packaging from scratch or considering a re-design, we’re here to help guide you through options of materials and methods as well as meeting packaging standards.