From Production to Simple Packaging with Little Clothing Company

Building a new brand and retail business from scratch.

Sustainable Packaging

Organic-minded Branding

Hand-painted Illustration

The Little Clothing Company is an online store that sells high-quality, ethically + organically-sourced children’s clothing and accessories.

As a relative newcomer to the retail enterprise, this independently-owned business’ needs were twofold:

  1. A logo to enforce brand identity
  2. Shipping methods to match an eco-friendly mindset

"We love supporting women-owned businesses like Katie's." —De Ingles, Designer

Table of Contents


Children’s Clothing

Services Offered

Brand Strategy

Brand Identity Design

Packaging Design


Sustainability Consulting

Materials & Methods


Plan It Green Printing

We needed to create a strong visual identity for LCC’s brand.

A key step included selecting a color scheme for the logo, and we strategically opted for a purple-yellow-green blend to communicate youth, playfulness + a commitment to quality.

We created an image to showcase the product line (children’s clothing = small shirt on a hanger) and added a touch of nature—a small, green leaf—as a hint of LCC’s natural focus.

Because LCC ships all orders, selecting package options that embrace their commitment to the environment was a priority.

Shipping & sustainability

LCC wanted packaging options to align with their environmentally-responsible focus, so we leveraged our relationship with a trusted eco-friendly business and brought them on board.

It’s important to keep soft goods (in this case, clothing) clean and dry when shipping. LCC wanted to avoid typical plastic-based polyethylene mailers, so we worked with Eco-Enclose to choose mailers made from 100% recycled content. The dual adhesive strip also allows packaging to be reused if desired.

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Final results

The new logo works well in small form—like business cards or stickers—and on a larger scale—such as vehicle decals or signage. LCC’s identity is relatable while portraying the clean, earthy look of a lifestyle brand. Sustainable goals for shipping options get a “check” also—we enjoyed working with The Little Clothing Company, Eco-Enclose + Plan It Green Printing to help boost socially-responsible business practices on many levels.