Our Studio

Product Packaging Designer

De Ingles

Creating the perfect product packaging is more than just a pretty face. It’s research, strategy, color, and design with purpose. And, that purpose is connecting with your customers both on the shelf and in their pantry.


We specialize in eco-friendly package design and work with the industry’s top sustainable printers and providers.

Frontend Developer

John Ingles

The other (bearded) half of Smiley Graphix Studio, co-founder John is the technical mind behind SG Studio’s IT and services industry projects.


His resume includes hybrid app creation + maintenance for Illinois Prep Scores, Intellihot, and Kwikee. John can make things look pretty, too—he has keen digital + traditional illustration skills—but he mainly focuses on hybrid mobile/web app development.


John’s leisure activities transcend tech platforms to more organic activities: he’s a Walldog muralist and a self-described National Park adventurer, family man, and guitarist in-progress.

Backend Developer

Scott Leathers

An experienced, hands-on software developer involved in the architecture, design, and implementation of many software systems. He has been in the software industry for 20 plus years and has significant development and architecture experience.


Scott works with clients to help define technology roadmaps for critical initiatives in their organizations. Scott also helps clients define requirements, design user experience, and execute technical initiatives.


Cassie Hart

A lifelong affinity for words has led Cassie to pursue her verbal passions, and today she helps businesses enhance their image and gain visibility by writing targeted marketing materials + telling their success stories.


In addition to a decade-long partnership with Smiley Graphix Studios, Cassie has created content for March of Dimes, Glencoe-McGraw Hill, Dynamic Graphics + Midwestern Family magazines, and a host of other clients. Her specialties include case studies, blog posts, feature articles, + press releases. While Cassie crafts content on various topics, she has a special interest in preventative health care and women’s health. (See some of her targeted work here. https://cassie.journoportfolio.com


Cassie spends her free time chauffeuring her kids around, weeding the family garden, and championing the Oxford comma. When you have a minute, she’d love for you to visit www.cassiehartwriter.com.

Designer / Fabricator

Brennen Ingles

Brennen is an artist and entrepreneur. His work in art-related fields spans more than a decade.


As a designer and artist, he has gained a broad knowledge base from trial by fire. Following his passions and curiosity, his endeavors include silver-smithing, leather crafts, restoring all things analog and writing. As a student, he is following his passion for storytelling and writing with a focus on character design.


SEO / Marketing Strategist

Francie Hinrichsen

Francie Hinrichsen is a marketing consultant based out of Morton, Illinois. She specializes in SEO and marketing strategy that gets ROI-focused results. She has an MBA, a bachelor’s in Communication, corporate experience, and five years’ experience running her own business, which she pulls from to guide entrepreneurs in making smart decisions for their businesses.


Francie is passionate about helping small businesses succeed because she grew up as the daughter of an entrepreneur and has a deep understanding of just how many ‘hats’ entrepreneurs must wear. Francie sits on the board of directors for Peoria Innovation Alliance, runs a monthly mastermind meeting for small businesses, and organizes a monthly local meetup for women business owners in the central Illinois area called Lipstick and Lattes.


In her free time, Francie enjoys jogging, hiking, and pouring into books at a local coffee shop.

Inventory Ninja


Addie is our right-hand woman. From fulfilling merchandise orders and updating our Shopify store to setting up photoshoots.


She brings an amazing work ethic and strong devotion to creativity to our studio.